Things to Do in Charleston SC: Tea Plantation and Winery Tour


By: Tour Management Editor
May 17, 2018

Looking for a little variety in your Things to Do in Charleston list? Try venturing off the Peninsula for an afternoon of natural beauty and sophisticated adult refreshment! A Charleston Tea Plantation and Winery Tour offers sights and sensations that are completely and uniquely Charleston! Here’s your agenda:

Angel Oak: Natural Beauty that Stands the Test of Time
The first stop on the Tea Plantation and Winery Tour, Angel Oak is located on John’s Island, about a half hour south of Charleston SC. It’s a Southern Live Oak considered to be at least 400 to 500 years old. A popular tourist spot and photo opportunity, its majestic beauty is matched only by its considerable size; the yardstick tells us that Angel Oak is nearly 70 feet tall, nearly 30 feet in circumference, and provides over 17 thousand square feet of shade – which is a plus in South Carolina! Local preservationists have fought hard, first to rehabilitate the Oak after Hurricane Hugo, then to protect it from developers. Come celebrate their efforts and witness a real Charleston natural beauty!

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A Tea Plantation Tour that Refreshes!
Next stop is the Charleston Tea Plantation, the only one of its kind in America. Here, on unspoiled Wadmalaw Island, is a perfect habitat of soil, climate and rainfall. Over 300 varieties of black and green tea are grown here, which produced the only tea in the world that is 100% American. Take a trolley ride through the tea fields and greenhouse, then tour the factory to learn how the tea is made.  Then, on to the Winery!

Deep Water Winery Tour Tempts the Palate
Deep Water, a one of a kind Charleston SC attraction, is the area’s only working domestic vineyard and winery. Here, at this 48-acre vineyard on Wadmalaw Island, vintners grow the grapes, harvest them and make and bottle wines for your enjoyment. Enjoy the natural beauty, tour the walking trails, meet the animals, and then get down to business with an informative (and delicious) wine tasting. 

Raise Your Shot Glass on the Firefly Distillery Tour   
From Deep Water, the Tea Plantation and Winery Tour heads next door to the Firefly Vodka Distillery. A nationally-recognized name in the business of craft distilleries, Firefly is South Carolina’s largest distillery and a Charleston original!  You will see the distillation process up close, meet the craftsmen, and sample a variety of small-batch vodkas! Touring home base, where distillers are constantly testing new recipes, means that you are likely to sample some grownup tastes that you may not find on the shelves back home. This includes an only-in-Charleston delight, the world’s first Sweet Tea Vodka.

Book Your Charleston Tea Plantation and Winery Tour Today!
If you’re looking for a little grown-up fun and relaxation, a Tea Plantation and Winery Tour is the ticket. Tour the grounds, learn how your favorite beverages are made, sample the goods, and take some home! What’s not to love? Tours are offered Wednesday through Friday, or book for your private group. Contact Adventure Sightseeing today!


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